East Telecom LLC is the first communications operator in the Republic of Uzbekistan using technologies and solutions of the so-called Next Generation Network (NGN) to provide services, providing the integration of both traditional communication services and new services related to packet data transmission and multimedia services.

To provide communication services, East Telecom LLC uses its own backbone and distribution networks based on fiber-optic and copper communication cables, including:

  • The backbone network in Tashkent based on a fiber-optic ring.
  • Republican backbone network, based on fiber-optic communication lines and digital channels, covering all regional centers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • Regional backbone networks of viloyats based on digital communication channels, covering regional centers and cities of regional subordination.

OOO "East Telecom" has a complex of specialized solutions to provide integrated services for various categories of users. The clients of the company are government agencies, banks, hotels, business centers, large corporations. Having close partnerships with construction and investment companies, East Telecom LLC acts as a subcontractor providing communication services for both newly built and reconstructed housing stock in Tashkent and other settlements of the Republic.

The main activity of "East Telecom" LLC is the provision of a complex of modern telecommunication services, including digital telephony services, including intelligent communication networks, as well as data transmission services, including services for renting digital communication channels, organizing virtual private networks and high-speed network access. The Internet. The company's clients have the opportunity to receive from one operator the entire range of services that previously required the conclusion of contracts with many communication service providers. The modern digital network of East Telecom LLC makes it possible to provide the client with any set of communication services he needs, taking into account all his needs and business specifics.

East Telecom LLC aims to take a leading position in various segments communication services of the Republic of Uzbekistan. At the moment, the company is going through a stage of intensive growth, realizing its technical and intellectual potential in practical projects.

The strategy for the successful development of our company consists in the prompt implementation of new products and services, a professional approach to their popularization and promotion, and also implementation of complex innovative programs in the interests of clients.

The key to success of East Telecom LLC is focus on the interests of clients and maximum satisfaction of their needs in modern telecommunication services. Today OOO "East Telecom" is an exclusively client-oriented company. We directly relate the level of our success to the level of satisfaction of our customers.

To ensure technological advantage and strengthen its leadership position, East Telecom LLC regularly upgrades its existing resources. As a result, telecommunications services are becoming more developed, of high quality and affordable for end users.

At the request of the client, we prepare ready-made telecommunication solutions ("turnkey"), carry out subsequent client support, acting as a system integrator. The quality of services is provided by round-the-clock monitoring. Today we are ready to fully provide our customers with telecommunication solutions of varying degrees of complexity. Anticipating the demands of tomorrow, we strive to provide a wide range of customers with a full range of modern communications services of the highest quality.