Company Loyalty

The TPS company (Technoprosistem LLC) was founded in 1999 as an Internet provider with the aim of meeting the growing demand in the telecommunications services market in Uzbekistan. An innovative approach, application of new technologies, dynamic development, flexible marketing policy allowed the company to become one of the leading operators of the data transmission network in Uzbekistan. Today TPS is one of the most popular Internet providers in Uzbekistan.

From the very beginning of its activity, TPS has focused on providing a wide range of innovative communication services and has been consistently expanding it, promptly responding to the ever-increasing market demands.


TPS is one of the first to:

  • received permission to operate an external communication channel;
  • organized a dial-up access system based on advanced Cisco Systems equipment;
  • applied technologies of high-speed access via dedicated lines ADSL / SDSL;
  • introduced into circulation in the Uzbek market Internet cards, which quickly became popular among users.

Currently, TPS has the necessary technical and intellectual potential to provide high-speed access to the global data network at the highest level. The company is active in both the retail and corporate markets. Today, the number of TPS subscribers includes the largest state and international organizations, representative offices and embassies, industrial and commercial enterprises, telecommunications operators and providers.

The number of the company's clients tripled in 2005 alone. Since 2005, TPS has been providing Jet service - a new type of dedicated high-speed Internet access for individuals.

Due to the growing number of network users, the company is constantly expanding and optimizing the data transmission network. The width of the external communication channel has recently increased several times. The number of points of presence and the capacity of modem pools are regularly increasing.

The company is taking measures to reduce tariffs for providing access to the Internet, reduce the cost of internal traffic in order to make the global data transmission network even more accessible to the general population. In this regard, the TPS company, together with the leading Internet providers of the republic, in October 2003, was the founder of the NGO "Center for Interaction of Data Transmission Networks" TAS-IX "to implement the agreement" On the creation of a point of mutual exchange of IP-traffic ".The main goal of the creation and operation of the NGO "TAS-IX" is to build the exchange of the internal flow of information between all operators of the data transmission network, bypassing external channels.

In the field of popularization of the Internet, the company cooperates with various state and non-state structures. For example, TPS is one of the founders of InfoCOM.UZ magazine. TPS implements projects to create and maintain information resources and develop content in the local information market.

The company's development plans are aimed at further expanding data transmission networks, introducing the latest technologies, popularizing the global Internet and attracting an increasing number of users throughout the republic. Over 20 years of work in the Internet market of Uzbekistan, TPS has accumulated extensive experience and technical base to provide services at the highest level.