Company Loyalty

Since 2006 JV LLC "Ist Telekom" is the founder of LLC "Technoprosistem".JV "Ist Telekom" LLC is the largest non-state telecommunications operator in Uzbekistan and has the opportunity to use all the latest services and technologies of the Group of Companies JV "Ist Telekom" LLC to provide its services.


JV LLC "Ist Telekom" is the first telecom operator in the Republic of Uzbekistan using technologies and solutions of the so-called Next Generation Network (NGN) to provide services, providing the integration of both traditional communication services and new services related to packet transmission data and multimedia services.
To provide communication services JV LLC "Ist Telekom" uses its own trunk and distribution networks based on fiber-optic and copper communication cables, including:

  • The backbone network in Tashkent based on a fiber optic ring
  • Republican backbone network, based on fiber-optic communication lines and digital channels, covering all regional centers of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Regional backbone networks of viloyats based on digital communication channels, covering district centers and cities of regional subordination

JV LLC "Ist Telekom" has a complex of specialized solutions to provide integrated services for various categories of users. The clients of the company are government agencies, banks, hotels, business centers, large corporations. Having close partnerships with construction and investment companies, JV "Ist Telekom" LLC acts as a subcontractor providing communication services for both newly built and reconstructed housing stock in Tashkent and other settlements of the Republic.
The main activity of JV Ist Telekom LLC is the provision of a complex of modern telecommunication services, including digital telephony services, including services of Intelligent Communication Networks, as well as data transmission services, including services for renting digital communication channels, organizing virtual private networks and high-speed access to The Internet.The company's clients have the opportunity to receive from one operator the entire range of services that previously required the conclusion of contracts with many communication service providers. The modern digital network of JV "Ist Telekom" LLC allows us to provide the client with any set of communication services he needs, taking into account all his needs and peculiarities of doing business.