To conclude an agreement with TPS, you need to have a small list documents. 
There are various situations when the list of documents depends on many factors, in more detail with them can be found at the following links:

For mobile devices: here
For personal computers:pdf or doc

When connecting to the "Internet" service using technology, if you want to register the connection to the Internet service for yourself, but your landline phone is registered to a third party who cannot come to the office, you will need to have with you a pre-made application by the person to whom the landline phone is connected ... Depending on the number of your PBX (to clarify which telephone center you have, you can download a sample application for cross-connect below:Here)

After downloading an application for cross-connection, you can issue it from the person to whom the landline phone is connected, also attach a photocopy of the phone owner's passport to it, then take these documents with you to the office to conclude an agreement.A cross-connection application must be made in two copies.

Connecting with your modem to the company's services - free
If you do not have your own modem, the connection to the company's services depends on the model of the leased modem:

Modem model Connection cost (sum)
Huawei HG532e (ADSL modem with built-in Wi-FI router)200 000
Huawei HG531e (ADSL modem with built-in Wi-FI router)200 000
TP-LINK TL-WR840N (FTTB router)0
TP-LINK TL-WR740N (FTTB router)0
TP-LINK TL-WR741N (FTTB router)0
TP-LINK TL-WR841N (FTTB router)

If necessary, diagnose, connect and configure a modem with an exit to the subscriber (ADSL or Wi-FI modem rented from the company), the cost of this Cost (sum)-63 000 sum

Replacing a previously rented modem from the company with a new one:
from Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi - free
from ADSL to Wi-Fi - 200 000 sum

at the same time, if the equipment of the returned equipment is not complete, the cost of the lost components is as follows

ComponentCost (sum)
Splitter5 000
Power Supply10 000
Telephone wire1 000
Network cable5 000
These prices for the complete set are also relevant when returning the equipment, in case of termination of the contract with the company.

Connection to the services of the company with the equipment of the provider, as well as the replacement of this equipment - is carried out only if it is available in the Subscriber Department of the company.

For any questions that arise, you can call the unified customer support service at: 
(78) 150 00 00.