FTTB (Fiber-To-The-Building) is translated from English as “optics to the building” and means the use of optical cable instead of copper wires. Copper wires are used to operate the telephone and the Internet using ADSL technology, but they do not allow using high-speed Internet, and besides, they have low noise immunity - at a great distance from the PBX, your Internet speed can be quite low.

Optical cable compares favorably with the fact that it allows you to connect the Internet, telephone and cable TV with just one cable at once: the bandwidth of an optical cable can easily cope with such a load.

What FTTB technology gives subscribers

Reliable communication.
If the cable is not damaged, then the Internet will always work at the speed declared in your tariff.

High speed of the Internet.
FTTB technology allows you to significantly increase the volume of transmitted information. The speed of Internet connection using FTTB technology is limited only by your tariff plan. Besides, FTTB technology gives one more advantage to subscribers - it is a symmetric channel. When using ADSL, the speed of the outgoing channel (through which information is sent from the subscriber) is much lower than the incoming speed, which can be critical for those users who constantly exchange files or post videos on the Internet. A balanced FTTB channel assumes the same high speed for both uplink and downlink. In addition, the synchronous line allows you to host game and web servers right at home, without having to pay.

Access to the internal resources of OOO "TEXNOPROSISTEM" at a higher speed
For all subscribers connected to the Internet using FTTB technology from OOO "TEXNOPROSISTEM", the speed of access to internal resources is much higher than using ADSL technology. A wide variety of digital content is available for subscribers on internal content sites: music, films, games, software, etc.

No need to buy and configure a modem.

When connecting the Internet from OOO "TEXNOPROSISTEM" using FTTB technology, the company's specialists will lead the cable to your apartment directly to your computer; to work on the Internet, you just need to plug it into the network port of your computer. There is no need to buy and configure additional equipment such as a modem.