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jet - high-speed internet for home

For studying, gaming, and streaming without limitations.

Loyalty Program
"jet Points" - Motivational loyalty program.
Modem Setup
Fast and quality Wi-Fi modem setup by company specialists.
SMS and Email Notifications
The service allows you to timely receive information about the remaining amount of traffic on your balance.
Tariff Plan Change
You can change the tariff plan once from the 1st to the 25th of the calendar month.
Trusted Access
The "Trusted Access" service allows you to activate internet access without making payment for the service.

jet is a young brand created by East Telecom, the successor of the well-known internet provider TPS.


High-speed internet

A robust and highly reliable network infrastructure has been created. This allows the company to provide customers with uninterrupted high-speed internet, ensuring no connection issues.

Implementation of advanced technologies

jet utilizes the latest advancements in internet technologies, ensuring that customers always have access to telecommunication services and innovative products.

Wide range of internet services

Tariffs have been created to meet the needs of all types of users. From basic services such as checking email or simple web browsing, to advanced services such as streaming, watching streaming videos, online gaming, and transferring large amounts of data.
Advantages worth mentioning more often


Despite being young, the brand actively attracts a new audience.


Our services are used in 100 settlements in Uzbekistan.


The subscriber support service operates 24/7.

30 000

Over 30,000 users