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XPEED - IT and telecom services for business growth in Uzbekistan

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We provide a wide range of IT and telecommunications services for business:

from high-speed Internet with around-the-clock technical support to hosting servers in our own data center.

Wired Internet
Connect in 1 day, provide technical support 24/7
Wireless Internet
Access from any location in Tashkent without any wires
Affordable telephony for business
Remote access to working network with full security
Secure data-center in Tashkent with convenient location
Fast SMS-notifications of customers
Video surveillance
From creating a secure environment to automating processes

East Telecom — trusted business partner since 2003. Our own networks and large infrastructure allow us to cover a variety needs of businesses in Uzbekistan. One provider for many solutions.


Wired Internet

Stable access to Internet via FTTx/GPON technologies. Up to 1 GB/sec speed and 24/7 technical support.

Wireless Internet

Corporate LTE internet enabling connection within 1 working day without construction and wires. Accesible from any location in Tashkent.

Leased Line

Exclusive use of digital stream of communication by one organization. Unlike a standard Internet connection, in the case of leased line, a client does not share the stream with other users, so the declared data transfer speed can be guaranteed, and their complete confidentiality can be ensured.

IT services

for busines

Alongside the traditional telecommunications services, we supply IT services to solve large-scale tasks of modern businesses in Uzbekistan.
IP Transport Rental →
Alternatively, rental of exclusive-use optical fibers, which ensures the highest speed of data transmission, complete data confidentiality, and the ability to operate all digital systems of the organization immediately, loss of quality, and with stable bandwidth.
A technology that provides companies and public organizations with a secure communication channel, enabling remote access to the enterprise's information resources with a guarantee of data confidentiality. Suitable for large organizations with offices in different locations.
Server Hosting
Rental of specialized equipment and space in a data center for secure storage of servers. This practice helps companies save on operational expenses by using ready-made infrastructure and trained personnel. Companies can connect to servers located in the data center via fiber-optic internet or VPN.
SMS Platform
A web interface for managing SMS mailings to the client base. Such a tool helps achieve a wide coverage of advertising messages quickly and get quality transitions to a landing page with a detailed commercial offer for customers. SMS mailings effectively complement popular digital advertising tools due to their clear format and attractive price.
Smart Video Surveillance
Installation of equipment and software for visual control, data collection, and storage for further use. Smart video surveillance helps to create a safe environment in the enterprise or automate many processes, thanks to functions such as face recognition, people counting, temperature recognition, and other capabilities.
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24/7 technical support and quick response

We understand how important it is for businesses to be constantly in touch, so our call center works around the clock, and engineers go to the call even at night.


One provider for many solutions

Thousands of kilometers of backbone cable, wireless networks, a modern data center, and a strong team with international experience allow us to satisfy many customer requests, as well as save resources by providing the opportunity to sign one contract with one reliable supplier

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Stability and reliability

The XPEED brand represents the corporate services of East Telecom, which has been providing stable telecom services since 2003, occupies 22% of the market in Uzbekistan, and serves 36,000 customers in all regions of the country.