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Observing the global trend and market situation in other countries, East Telecom has come to the understanding that Digital Transformation (DX) is the essential tool for the survival and growth of any business. As the telecommunications business and services continue to develop, the need for digital transformation is growing across all sectors of business.

East Telecom is your reliable partner in digital transformation

In order to meet the increasing demand for digital technology implementation in business, East Telecom has followed global trends and shifted from providing telecommunications services to becoming an advanced DX company. This has allowed us to provide innovative solutions for our business partners and take a leading position in the field of Digital Transformation in Uzbekistan.
~ Our history


After establishing the company, East Telecom instantly focused on providing high quality Internet services and a full range of telephone services, which in a short period of time brought it to one of the leading positions among fixed line operators in Uzbekistan.


Several major events took place which influenced the further development of the company.

  • East Telecom becomes part of the global business of KT Corporation (Korea) and Sumimoto Corporation (Japan).

  • The company EVO, one of the first operators of the second wave (Wave-2) mobile WiMAX network in the world, is created.

  • And also 638 km of FOCL (fiber-optic communication lines) were laid in Ferghana.


East Telecom announced a change of image and the beginning of rebranding process, the main goal of which was to create a modern and unique image, reflecting the company's desire to give joy to customers by providing high quality services.


KT Corporation (Republic of Korea) acquires a stake in Sumimoto Corporation (Japan) and becomes the main founder of East Telecom


Following the global trend, East Telecom begins construction and successfully launches 4G LTE network, providing unsurpassed speed and network stability. The company is carrying out extensive infrastructure upgrades and network optimization, preparing for the next big breakthrough in Uzbekistan's telecommunications history.


Marked the merger of East Telecom and EVO, under the East Telecom brand, highlighting the company's aspiration to become a leader in digital transformation (Digital Transformation or DX).


The company is undergoing another key merger. Internet service provider TPS becomes part of East Telecom.


The company achieved its goal of becoming a DX leader in Central Asia and continues to grow in this area. The construction of data centers also began, which was the first step towards the creation of a belt of data centers in Central Asia

East Telecom licenses


License No. AA 0008087

License for design, construction, operation and maintenance of telecommunication networks

License No. 192688

License for design, construction, maintenance and provision of services in local and long-distance telecommunications regions.

License No. 196777

License to provide services in the field of international telecommunications