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For customers

Our marketplace offers a wide selection of products, including electronics and stylish accessories.

Neva will save your time, previously spent on traditional shopping trips, which you can now dedicate to your loved ones.

Wide Range
The marketplace offers a vast selection of products and services, allowing you to find exactly what you need, all in one place.
Shopping Convenience
You can make purchases at any time and from anywhere, simply using your internet-connected device.
Time Savings
It allows you to save time that you would have spent searching and visiting different stores, as well as waiting in queues.
Competitive Prices
Thanks to competition among sellers, you can find items at more favorable prices, saving money.
Reviews and Ratings
You can read reviews and ratings from other buyers to make more informed decisions when choosing a product.
Convenient Payment Methods
Neva offers various payment methods, including credit cards and other convenient options.
Delivery in Tashkent
The option to order products with delivery provides convenience and saves your time.
Security and Reliability
The marketplace ensures the security of your payments and data protection, allowing you to shop with confidence and peace of mind.

Advantages of

Neva Business

Wide Product Selection for B2B
Neva's marketplace offers B2B clients a range of products similar to those available to individuals, simplifying the selection process and making it more convenient.
Wholesale Orders and Corporate Payments
B2B clients have the opportunity for wholesale orders and payment from the company's corporate card or bank account, distinguishing our marketplace from others.
Risk Reduction
We provide guarantees, ensuring transparency and protecting the interests of parties involved. This creates a trusting environment for transactions and reduces potential risks, crucial for a comfortable and safe business environment for sellers on Neva.
Neva provides access to a broad spectrum of suppliers, strengthening the competitive environment and offering the opportunity to purchase goods at reasonable prices.
Easy Document Flow
When placing wholesale orders, a corresponding contract is automatically generated for each B2B client, stored in their personal account. All subsequent document flow is carried out through the personal account, avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy and making the order management process more efficient.

Neva for Sellers


Global Audience

Sellers entering into our partnership gain access to a wide audience, providing a unique opportunity to expand their business and attract new customers.

Marketing and Advertising

Neva organizes joint marketing campaigns and advertising initiatives with suppliers, ensuring more visibility for your products through banners, in the app, and on Neva's post stations.


Neva provides ready-made infrastructure for convenient product placement, payment processing, and technical support, reducing operational costs for partners. We guarantee transparency and protect interests, creating a trustworthy environment for transactions and minimizing risks.