Head of Human Resources Department

3-6 years — required experience

Full-time, full day


  • Developing HR strategy in accordance with business strategy

  • Planning the department's work and budget

  • Developing, implementing, and optimizing department processes

  • Auditing and optimizing organizational structures

  • Building a strong HR brand

  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive set of measures to reduce staff turnover and increase loyalty

  • Developing and conducting events aimed at shaping and maintaining effective corporate culture at the enterprise

  • Implementing modern methods of staff adaptation and development

  • Building motivational schemes for departments and subdivisions

  • Developing KPIs and evaluation methods, staff incentive and motivation programs

  • Providing reports on all HR management areas

  • Providing professional leadership, support, and development of HR staff to expand knowledge, exchange best practices


  • Good knowledge of labor legislation

  • Practical experience in all HR areas

  • Experience in developing a strategy for developing an effective employment policy in the company

  • Mandatory knowledge of languages: English, Russian, Uzbek

  • Experience in identifying, measuring, and analyzing relevant KPIs for motivational systems

  • Ability to use office software packages competently

  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills

  • Good problem-solving skills

  • Budget management experience

  • Knowledge of labor legislation and regulatory acts

  • Computer literacy


  • Decent and stable salary

  • Comfortable office located in Yashnabad district, Makhmudkuli street

  • Work schedule 5/2, from 09:00 to 18:00, lunch break from 13:00-14:00, weekends on Saturdays and Sundays

  • Official employment in accordance with the Labor Code of Uzbekistan.