Tender for an audit

Deadline of the submitting of Proposals is 12th of December 2023

Information about the scope of work and Bidding terms

I. Service description: Carrying out of audit inspection of the Company’s finance activity of 2023.

II. The required starting date:

Starting  from  20.12.2023

Stage 1 - 20.12.2023- 20.01.2024

Stage 2 - 21.01.2024-29.02.2024

Stage 3 - 01.03.2023-01.04.2024

Finishing at 01.04.2024

III. The required ending date: until 01.04.2024

Brief information about Company: JV "East Telecom" LLC is the largest digital communications operator in Uzbekistan that is uses technology and solutions called as Next Generation Network – NGN for providing services, providing integration traditional communication service with a new services concerning batch communication and multimedia services. To provide telecommunication services JV "East Telecom" LLC uses own backbone and distributive network based on fiber-optical and copper network. The main direction of JV "East Telecom" LLC activities are provision of a complex of modern telecommunication services that include digital telephony services, Intellectual network of communication, and also data transfer, rent service of digital communication channels, organizing VPN and high-speed access to Internet. The customers of the company have opportunity to get complex service from one operator that before demanded to have negotiation with many communication companies.

IV. Audit standards requirements: It is necessary to conduct an audit according to IFRS of the consolidated financial statements of the East Telecom group, which includes the subsidiary TEXNOPROSISTEM LLC, and answer the questions by the request of the parent company KT Corporation.

V. Required information and documentation from Bidder:

1. Company’s information (Name, form of property, legal address, bank information, information about Founders and Head of Company).

2. Work experience during the last 3 years (Name of client, form of activity, volume of work, duration of provided service).

3. Information about personnel engaged for providing of service (Full name, position, working experience). Please submit detailed CV for persons who will be engaged in that project.

4. Information about documents entitling to exercise this kind of activities (Charter, licenses, accreditation certifications and etc.). Please submit notarized copy of required documents.

5. Please provide schedule of work with detailed description of each stage of audit inspection and required information and documents should be provided by Company with the purpose of successfully and timely completion of work.

6. Please provide service fee calculation for service for a one-year and three- year contracts.

7. Copy of insurance.

8. Schedule of compensation.

9. Pro form of contract.

10. Proposals should be submitted in the Russian language.

VI. Proposal’s submission

Bidder’s proposals should be submitted in sealed envelope and sent to the following address, as well as the above documents can be sent to e-mail: ask@etc.uz


Republic of Uzbekistan, 100060, Tashkent city, T.Shevchenko str., 21.

Tel.: (+99871) 150-01-98.

E-mail: ask@etc.uz

VII. Deadline of the submitting of Proposals is 12th of December 2023.

Dear Participant,

Please, carefully examine all parts of bidding terms, required information and documentation. In case if you are interesting to participate in that Bid, please confirm your interest by sending acknowledgement letter by e-mail:  ask@etc.uz . After receiving your letter we will consider you as a potential Bidder and provide you necessary information.

According to the bidding result Audit Company will be endorsed by Shareholders.

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