We are in search of talents.

New job openings are available for applicants.

As our company continues to grow and expand its business, we are offering new opportunities for career growth and inviting individuals to join our team.

Currently, the following vacancies are open:

Digital Marketer

Learn more: https://tashkent.hh.uz/vacancy/81800818?from=employer&hhtmFrom=employer

E-commerce Planning Group Manager

Learn more: https://tashkent.hh.uz/vacancy/81800525?from=employer&hhtmFrom=employer

Personal Assistant to the Manager

Learn more: https://tashkent.hh.uz/vacancy/78457236?from=employer&hhtmFrom=employer


Learn more: https://tashkent.hh.uz/vacancy/78457530?from=employer&hhtmFrom=employer

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