East Telecom Data Center construction is proceeding on schedule

New Investors have been Attracted to the Project

In April, the soil replacement work on the site of the Yunusobod Business City for the construction of the East Telecom data center was completed. Currently, construction work is proceeding on schedule.

The results of the soil testing were positive, which was satisfying for both government agencies and interested parties. Thanks to the active support of the Yunusobod Business City Administration, the construction of the Data Center is progressing rapidly, and at present, the final stage of road, electricity, and gas supply laying around the data center is being completed, which allows the construction schedule to be ahead of schedule. In May 2023, the foundation for the Data Center will be concreted.

After the start of East Telecom Data Center construction, many clients have shown interest in the project, and for this reason, East Telecom is in talks with several large clients about using the data center.

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