Foundation laid for East Telecom Data Center

The first stage of the construction of the future data center building has begun.

As previously reported, in March, East Telecom began construction of a new 6,000 square meter data center building in the "Yunusobod Business City" area. After completing the work on forming the foundation pad, the laying of the foundation for columns and walls began. The area of each square is carefully checked by specialists for the correct distribution of the weight of the building and the equipment installed on it.

A grounding system has been installed. In addition, the initial elements of the structure have appeared - spaces for laying electrical cable and drainage path hatches.

Uninterrupted power supply is a crucial condition for the successful and continuous operation of the data center. To solve this problem, the construction of a substation near the East Telecom data center has begun.

Currently, construction is in an active phase, with completion expected by November 2023.

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