Attention landowners!

Enhanced safety measures for work on communication lines territory

Attention landowners, business leaders, and owners of earthmoving equipment!

By the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 15, 1998, No. 210 "On Approval of the Rules for the Protection of Telecommunication Lines and Structures," the protection of telecommunication lines and structures in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan has been strengthened.

Organizers of work in areas where there are communication lines are obliged to notify the owners of these communications no later than one day before the start of work. The notification should include information about the date, time of commencement of work, and the necessity of the participation of the owner's representative. This notification can be sent by telegram or delivered in person.

Owners of communication lines must ensure the timely arrival of their representatives to the work site within the specified time frames. It is important to note that in the absence of representatives of communication owners, construction and land works in this area are strictly prohibited.

For communications, whether underground cables or overhead lines, the protected area is defined as a plot of land along these communications, marked on both sides by parallel lines at a distance of 2 meters. Carrying out any land, construction, and other works in these areas without permission and technical supervision of specialists is strictly prohibited.

If work is needed in protected areas of underground communication cables, we recommend contacting the address indicated on the sign of the main communication cable route and carrying out work according to the instructions of specialists.

We remind you that violation of the above rules may result in administrative responsibility. Be attentive to these requirements to ensure the safety and legality of the work carried out.

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