Construction of the International Data Center (DPC): completion of key stages

Installation of thermal insulation and internal layout of the building is in progress.

Dear friends, we want to share some news with you about the construction of the International Data Center (IDC) – a significant project in the world of information technology for Uzbekistan.

The structural and concrete works on all four floors of the building have been completed. This crucial phase was executed precisely according to the project documentation and high-quality standards, ensuring the reliability and long service life of the IDC.

Currently, the installation of gas concrete blocks is underway on three floors, providing reliable thermal insulation and optimal conditions for the equipment. Interior partitions are being installed, and the preparation of walls for window installation on the first and second floors is in full swing.

The end of this year will be special – the exterior of the International Data Center will be completed. Stay tuned for our updates and be informed about the latest developments.

Best regards, East Telecom Team

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