New East Telecom data center

Reliability and progress in a compact version

East Telecom is pleased to announce the completion of the construction of a small Data Processing Center (DPC) in its main office in Tashkent. The new East Telecom data center is located on the third floor of the company's main office and covers an area of 120 square meters. It includes a server, battery and operating rooms.

The East Telecom data center is built with duplicated backup systems: spare air conditioning systems, uninterruptible power supply, diesel generators and other equipment are installed. The server room houses equipment for 22 IT racks. Special fire extinguishers are also installed, which use FM-200 gas, which is considered the least harmful.

Engineers work in the operating room, who monitor the overall operational status of the data center infrastructure around the clock.

Creating a data center is an important step to improve the services provided. Even before the completion of construction, more than 70% of all racks have already been rented by our partners, and another 20% are reserved. Currently only 2 rental racks are available.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to host servers in a Data Center, contact us to get more information.


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