Construction of East Telecom Data Center: New Horizons

The second stage of construction of the future Data Center has begun.

The construction of a modern Data Center continues, which will ensure reliable and secure data storage for our partners and clients.

As previously reported, construction began in March 2023 and is currently at the stage of frame works on the second floor level. The work on soil replacement has been completed, and the results of its testing have shown the most optimal composition, satisfying state institutions and other interested parties.

We adhere to high quality standards and use only modern technologies and materials to provide maximum reliability and security for our Data Center.

Recall that in May, the frame works for pouring the foundation were successfully completed, and in June, work began on the frame works for the floor slabs and pouring the columns of the first floor. According to the schedule, at the end of July 2023, work will begin on the installation of the second-floor slabs.

At the same time, East Telecom is preparing to connect the optical cable to the Data Center, which will come from the central office and several distribution points in Tashkent.

The new Data Center will meet the highest requirements of our clients and become an important element of Uzbekistan's IT infrastructure.

Stay tuned for news to learn about the further development of the project!
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